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MYSTERY GRAB BAG (NOT the Roll for Reading Listing)- Blind Date With A Book Box

MYSTERY GRAB BAG (NOT the Roll for Reading Listing)- Blind Date With A Book Box

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Book Quality

 MYSTERY GRAB BAG - Well-loved books that have one or more of the following qualities:

Clear library wrapping over dust jacket
Broken Spine
Wear and Tear on Cover
Yellowed Pages to some degree
Stamps from library

Copies of ARCs and Mass Market Paperback may also be included, as well as novellas.

The beauty of a Grab Bag book is that the content of the book is still just as high quality as it was when it was first printed. 

The concept is simple. You let me know what kind of world you want to go in, and I choose the book for you. Let me play match maker for you! Note that not all genres, sub genres, tropes, etc may be available - these books are not sourced and thus quite random. You may ask for what you're hoping for but we will do our best to meet your request.
Each book is second-hand and carefully chosen by me and then carefully wrapped in a linen bag with a brief hint about your soon-to-be book date printed on a tag. 

You can tell me as much as you want about yourself, that way I get a better idea of what kind of books you prefer! You can also send me a link to your Goodreads and/or send a picture of your bookshelf. That way I can make sure not to send you something you already own.

It wouldn't be a date without dinner...or brunch...or cocktails? That part I'll leave up to you!
Let me know which kind of recipe you'd like included with your book, and I'll pair your selection with something tasty and fun to enjoy along with your new book friend.
Your choices are:

Recipes will continue to be added and rotated. Please note if you have any dietary restrictions so that I can accommodate with an appropriate recipe for you.


This is a great idea as a gift for yourself, a bookish friend, or someone you'd like to send a little bit of joy to. The feeling of receiving something so unknown, like a blind date with a book, is just as fantastic as reading the first page of a wonderful novel. Treat yourself!

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