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Lily Papers Library

Kids Book Box

Kids Book Box

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At last, a book box for the kiddos! These are for kids aged from 8 to 12 years old.

  • In classic Lily Papers Library fashion, the books will come in black linen bags with genre tags. Use the bags to wrangle all of your knick knacks, trading cards, pencils, whatever you want! Current genres available: Fantasy, Fiction, and "Spooky" (not actually scary, but silly!)
  • You get a smelly pencil in a pleasant fruity scent. We promise, they all smell really nice!
  • There's a small lined notebook with a sweet saying on it, great for doing some quick story writing, jotting down ideas, passing notes to your friend, starting a list of books you want to read. ;)
  • A bookmark with both a coloring side and a reading log on the other. These are best used with markers!
  • A handful of silly stickers
  • DumDums lollipops! We have sugar-free lollipops for those with dietary restrictions.

Are you excited to dive into your new favorite book? 

*Sayings and phrases on the notebooks and bookmarks, as well as scents for the smelly pencils are subject to availability 

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