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Ask The Library - Trio of Book Recommendations

Ask The Library - Trio of Book Recommendations

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Maybe you're just looking for some book rec's to go get elsewhere, or you're wanting to be pointed in a direction by a person who looks at books all day long. 

That's where we come in!

Ask the Library for a trio of book recommendations based on your GoodReads/Storygraph, or even just what you're into reading at the moment. We've got some great books in mind for everyone! 

How it works: 

  • Send us your GoodReads/Storygraph profile so we can see what's on your list already, or just list what books you like!
  • Let us know what you're hoping to get out of the recommendations! Wanting to branch out? A list of our faves in a certain genre? Only want certain tropes? An off-the-wall rec you can explore further? Whatever you want!
  • Give us until the end of the day (or next days if it's after 7:00PM PST) and we'll get a trio of recommendations tailored to your liking sent over via email! We will also include links for purchase on or if you'd like to get them right away! (Not sponsored)

All notes can be left in the Notes section in the cart before checkout. We can also accept links via email, simply respond to your email confirmation with any notes you'd like!

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