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Annotating Kit

Annotating Kit

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Get to know your book date better with an Annotating Kit! Set your categories for the flag colors (Pink is for Sweet/Romantic Moments, Blue is for Tense Moments, etc) to mark throughout your physical book what you're thinking and feeling alongside the text. Write notes in the margins to better engage with the story. Sounds like too much work? Give it a shot and you'll fall in love with this ultimate reading comprehension and connection tool. See our blog for a great how-to!

This bundle includes annotating flags, a fancy pen for scribbling your best OMG moments in the margins, a highlighter, and clear sticky notes - all wrangled together in a colorful zippered pouch! Highlighter color is subject to availability, but let us know which colors you'd prefer and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

Flags come in a different array of shades, each set with 10 different colors. Set of flags chosen at random, subject to availability. You may of course ask to match the colors to a certain book if you’d like! 

Sticky note sizes are subject to availability.

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