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The Quirky Cup Collective

Reading Journal - Crimson

Reading Journal - Crimson

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Designed and made by The Quirky Cup Collective

Introducing the ultimate companion to your reading adventures: The Reading Journal. 

Like a lot of you I grew up loving to lose myself in adventures that were recorded on paper pages. Adventures that look like a bunch of words on a page to some, but play out like vivid fantastical journeys for others. I love books in every aspect; I love collecting them, proudly displaying them on my shelves, relishing in reading them and living them out in my mind. They are shared adventures among us all, and it is so wonderful to have books bring us together in the way they do. 

The Reading Journal is book that I lovingly created and expertly crafted specifically for recording all of these wonderful adventures.

From quick reviews to longer prompted reviews, to reading trackers and an extensive TBR lists; the Reading Journal was created for avid readers who like to soak up and relish in the full experience of reading.

You can keep track of all the books you borrow and lend out via the 'Library Card', and when someone recommends a book you can pop it right into 'Book Recommendations'! And if you run out of room (which I'm confident some of of you will!) there is a whole section at the back with dotted and blank pages where you can continue and extend on the fun. 

The Reading Journal truly boasts many features in its 358 pages. I would love to tell you all about them, but in what I consider to be true 'reader' fashion I will let you discover them for yourselves. 

I am truly proud of this creation and of making something that crosses over with a pastime of mine that brings me so much joy; I genuinely couldn't be happier to share The Reading Journal with you and I hope you see and experience that love when you hold it in your hands. It's my most favourite thing I've made to date and I hope it'll be around for a long time.

Happy reading my book loving comrades and I thank you so much for your support. I hope you enjoy :)


- Full Reviews - 40 spaces 
- Quick Reviews - 124 spaces
- TBR List -186 Spaces 
- Bookshelf - Illustrated & blank
- Reading Tracker - 3 years
- Reading Challenges - Blank 
- Book Recommendations 
- Library Card
- Blank space - dotted & blank
- Book Awards - 3 years
- Reading Stats - 3 years
- Upcoming releases
- Customisable Contents

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